“What’s Going On?”

Robin Kegler , The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach(tm),  has written an absolutely amazing book called, “Your Work Is Ministry: Nine (9) Signs To Know You’re In The Right Place At Work.” Discover 9 Hidden Signs in the Book of Isaiah That Tells How You Can Easily Know If You Are In the Right Place at Work.  Once revealed, you can confidently say, “I’m in the right place,” or “It’s time for me to do something else!”

“What Will I Discover In This Book?”

  • You’ll discover the 3 ‘hidden verses’ in a popular chapter in Isaiah that’s easily overlooked -giving you the 9 signs to confirm your right place at work
  • You’ll discover the 3 things you must ‘see’ to identify your right place at work
  • You’ll discover what the added bonuses are of being in the right place at work
  • Read interviews of leaders and marketplace ministers as they live out their assignments every day!

PLUS: Ministry Leaders now you have an Easy Way to Validate and Celebrate those whose ministry is to the marketplace with this new book!!

NOTE: A percentage of each book goes to support Entrepreneurial Women in Africa. Thank you for your support!



What Is Your Kingdom Assignment?

You have a Kingdom Assignment that only you can do! You have been given a unique Primary Area Gift Stream© (PAGS™). God has also given you clues that lead to your place of assignment.

In this book you will get answers to:

  • How to identify where you fit in ministry and the marketplace
  • What to do when you know where you fit and MORE…

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