Advanced Business Leadership Training to Get F.I.T.™: Be Fulfilled - Make an Impact and Rule a Territory to Accomplish Your Kingdom Purpose in  Business 

We work with high performing individuals, teams and companies showing them how to zero in on their workplace calling, identify whom, what and where they'll make the greatest impact and then how to dominate a territory to accomplish a greater purpose in business—and STILL maximize retention, productivity and profits too!


"It would take the "index of eternity" to express the effectiveness and power of this insightful, introspective series. In a world where people are in a constant state of evolution; it is paramount that we possess the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. The "Wearing The Right C.A.P. series provides a scientific reality to our best placement to society...and the marketplace.  As a result of experiencing this series I have confidence and resolve about how and where I am most effective.  I salute you, Robin Kegler, for wearing the right cap!"   William A.D. Hamilton State of Maryland

A Note From Robin

How much does one misplaced person cost you? Is it you?

“True success is not what you’ve done compared to what others have done, but what you’ve done compared to what God assigned you to do.” Anonymous

Until you’ve done what God assigned you to do, you’ll never experience true success and fulfillment:

Each person is given something to do that shows who God is. Are you doing that as a business owner, leader or team member?

My name is Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach™.  I help business owners, individuals and organizations decode clues to give clarity to your life work as a business owner, manager or team member —so that you recognize the assignment and place you are to impact and rule at work and in life.

As CEO of Wearing The Right C.A.P.™, an author, leadership consultant, placement specialist and creator of the PAGS Approach Systems© to uncover, unlock and unleash your calling and right place and assignment to create a greater impact in your sphere of influence for God at work and life, I want to partner with you to move you from having influence to ruling in your assigned territory in the marketplace—showing God’s way of doing work.

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"You Helped Me To See Where I Was..."

“I enjoyed our time together tremendously!  It opened the door to self- introspection and challenged me.  Your creative teaching and coaching held weight and each assignment helped me to see exactly where I was.” R. Matthews, Education and Training Industry

"The Most Powerful Part..."

The most powerful part has been to be able to apply the lessons and affirm the gifts in my peers, which is excellent.” M. Banks, Security Services Industry

Here are some of the tools and systems Robin's clients use

Be Fulfilled: PAGS Approach ™ to Business Coaching


I want my leaders and staff to know where they fit at work so they are in the Right Place Doing The Right Assignment. I'm tired of plugging people into any positions just because it's vacant. How Do I Do That? 

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“You Hit The Nail On The Head!  You Really Do See Who I Am!”

“I've had a hard time explaining to others what I see. I was afraid to call myself something if I didn’t have everything in place- especially with this new business. I want more for my staff and customers. I want them to dream beyond what they are doing now.  Then choose to step out and do it.

 You listened and really heard what I was feeling in my heart.  You opened my eyes to see what I could be and who I am.  You offered strategies to help me move forward in my life dream business and also in my personal life too (and that was all in our first meeting!).

 Your encouragement, wisdom and experience have got me really excited!  I look forward to you working with my staff, my customers and me on a regular basis.  Thank you for everything!”

S. Fenwick Health and Beauty Industry

Make An Impact: PAGS Approach ™ to Business Consulting

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"Are You Making 3 Massive People Placement Mistakes That Lose Team Members Out The Back Door, Burn Out Leaders and Kill The Vision To  Unleash A Greater Impact In Your Business?"

Are You Missing Out on Important Insights? Learn how to leverage your greatest asset—your people (especially your misplaced people) to change your industry and your world!

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Unlock your Real Value.

Get F.I.T.™: Be Fulfilled - Make an Impact and Rule a Territory to Accomplish Your Kingdom Purpose in  Business 

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Rule A Territory: PAGS Approach ™ to Business Implementation & Beyond

I want to make a greater impact in the Right Place and Right Assignment at Work. I’m ready to Uncover, Unlock & Unleash My Calling Now! Is That Really Possible?  Yes, START HERE!

Our PAGS-based training and development  system help organizational managers reposition team members, lead teams and increase employee engagement to accelerate the increase of productivity, retention and profits.

Use the step by step tools yourself, or teach others how to create a greater global impact in our Train The Trainer Certification Program.

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